Q: What are "premium" .tv domain names?
A: Premium .tv domain names include one-, two-, and some three-character domain names as well as simple, one-word common generic domain names.

Q: How much does a premium .tv domain name cost?
A: Prices may vary according to the registrar and their specific offering.

Q: What are the differences between premium and regular .tv domain names?
A: We are making premium .tv domain names available to the entire .tv registrar channel to increase distribution and grow brand awareness, which will further solidify .tv’s position as the must-have address for online video. In addition, we are changing the renewal model for new premium .tv registrations to address feedback from customers and the marketplace.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions regarding this premium .tv domain name?
A: Please submit an inquiry with your name, contact details and question.
Q: Who should register these premium .tv domain names?
A: We anticipate that premium .tv domain names will reach many of the same audiences who are already using .tv, including video and content producers, small and medium businesses, and web developers/aggregators. If you are interested in registering a premium .tv domain name, you now have access to a lot of great names and those names are more easily found through an expanded list of registrars currently offering premium .tv domain names.

Q: Does my registrar offer premium .tv domain names?
A: If your registrar is not listed on the premium .tv registrar list, please contact your registrar directly to see if they offer or will offer premium names in the near future.

Q: What is a registrar?
A: Registrars provide domain name registration services directly to registrants such as helping them find, register, renew, and delete domain names.